Mobile Gaming News (MobileGN) is a digital website, launched in July 2012 and started web publication. MobileGN strives to provide the latest news, reviews and commentary for the most creative mobile games on the planet. For us, we favor many independently made games, as well as a few made by larger companies. MobileGN was created to spread news about the latest mobile games and help indie developers gain press support without a cost.

What are Mobile Games?

Mobile Games are video games which are made by passionate game developers who publish their game via the App Store, Play Market, or any other app distributing service. They extend to many devices, including iDevices (iOS based), Android Devices, Blackberries, and other firmwares available on Mp3 players and mobile phones. Our focus are mainly on applications found on these devices, called “apps”.

About Our Reviews

We score all of our reviewed games based on their graphics, gameplay, sound, and lasting appeal. Our reviews are based upon a scale of 0 – 100%. In addition to our score, our writers will provide ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ for the game, which will help the reader understand why we arrived at the score supplied. The MobileGN Grading Scale is as follows:

96-100% – Masterpiece

While a masterpiece may have it’s flaws here and there, the absolute qualities that this game have is truly undeniable. Whether you just can’t get enough of the game to the music just brings ecstasy to your ears.

86-95% – Wonderful

Probably one of the best games we’ve seen in a while, and most certainly has come to our attention as a great game. Something about this game that gives it a unique quality that brings it out from the others.

76-85% – Marvelous

If you haven’t tried this game yet, you probably should get hooked up with it right now. It’s definitely not a game we would miss, so you probably shouldn’t either. Although, we’d say there are a few better ones if you don’t have the money for this one.

66-75% – Decent

There may be a couple glitches with this one. Maybe the controls weren’t perfect, but we still liked it enough. Maybe the next update will fix the issues, but we’d say this would be a decent buy, nonetheless.

56-65% – Okay

Why settle for an “okay” when you can fly higher? This is one of those games where we know the developer is just lacking that little something and just needs that little push to strive for a better game. Why not send them an encourage email?

46-55% – Mediocre

We’d say this is a game that’s just about to fall into the “bad” category. That’s somewhere we all know we don’t want to be. If this were on a school grading scale, this would score somewhere around a “D”. We can say this game may have a few good points, but it’s not something to be “wow’ed” about.

36-45% – Bad

There’s something wrong with this one. Maybe something went wrong during the development, but if this were in Game Dev Story, it’d be that the power went out way too often. Maybe if the developers got an external power generator the game would be better.

26-35% – Awful

Whether it’s a bad concept, poor visual choice, deafening music, or all of them together, this game’s just not good. Rarely, should we come across a game like this, but it happens. How does this even get published?

16-25% – Painful

When a game is so bad, it’s painful, you gotta know that there’s something wrong. This might be the time to decide on picking another game.

6-15% – Unbearable

When nothing works, and just playing hurts your head, it’s a time to really consider if this is the right job. Ever think of why people kill themselves? Possibly, it might because of playing this game. Who knows?

0-5% – Disaster

One of the worst games ever made. This might be the mix of a medieval torture device and a game. What were the developers thinking?

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