Like A Dystopic Mushroom Kingdom: Images From Frogmind’s ‘Badland’

Finnish independent games developer Frogmind have announced their first title: Badland. However, if you’re hoping for details then you may be disappointed.

Frogmind is a new, two-man studio based out of Finland, consisting of ex-RedLynx employees Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys. Do those names sound familiar? Well, they should! Johannes and Juhana have worked on big-name titles such as Trials Evolution and MotoHeroz. They’re ready to make a name for themselves and attempting to put player’s minds at ease.

Like a dystopic mushroom kingdom


At this point in time all that we’ve seen of the game are a couple of beautiful images of rabbit-like humanoid silhouettes sitting in a sunlit forest. Not many details are known right now other than “an atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.”

There are only two images at the moment both supposedly created with in-game assets. One of these images looks to be some sort of title screen and one to be part of a level.

Although the dev team isn’t wiling to divulge any specific details about the game, a DevCam has been set up inside their Helsinki studio.

You might have already noticed the little window in the right. It’s our development camera and it shows live video from our indie studio. Now you can see what we are doing here, and maybe spot something about BADLAND we yet haven’t told or shown. There is usually one of us around in the office on weekdays between 8:00am – 8:00pm (GMT+2).

More information is available at their development .


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