Diggity Diggity: Terraria On Android Is Out And iOS Is Confirmed

Well, there you have it folks, Terraria on Android. Yes, it’s true! Wait, you don’t believe us, do you. Branches, which is essentially Terraria running fully on Android has been finally created and released. While it has a different name, it’s the same game. Branches was created by Brad Gearon, a solo developer, and isn’t actually affiliated with the makers of Terraria. So how’d he get past the copyright rules? So what Branches really is, is a wrapper and converter of the original Terraria code. That doesn’t mean he copied and pasted, in fact, he has re-written over 60 percent of the coding and has created a new and improved tiling engine so the game runs on devices with less that 512MB of RAM.

Check out the trailer of what you’ll see on your phone or tablet:

So, what’s the catch. As I mentioned, Branches is a wrapper, so you’ll actually need the game to play it. Here’s how to set the whole game up (note that these instructions are for PC). We have confirmed that Mac support should be coming soon, but we weren’t give a release date.

  1. Install this apk: 
  2. Grab this zip: 
  3. Install Perl for Windows ()
  4. Install Python for Windows ()
  5. Install your android device’s driver and adb ()
  6. Extract the contents of Prepare.zip
  7. Copy “Content” directory and main executable into the folder you extracted in step one
  8. Copy Players and Worlds from “My Saves” (your save game location) to the folder you extracted in step one
  9. Double click or execute ConvertCopy.cmd
  10. Run the app, make sure you select xnb for the image format. Also no need for the desktop app at this point or DropBox unless you want your saves and content to sync.

Although, Brad also mentioned, “[the instructions] will change quite a bit soon”, so stay tuned for our next update post with the new and updated instructions.

About the game getting ported to iOS, Brad says that he’ll start working on it soon, but we do not have a confirmed date. We’ll keep you updated on any future updates.

If you have any problems, leave in the comments, and I’ll quickly notify Brad of any persisting issues. You can also talk/report to the community on or our forums.

More information and updates on Branches can be found on Brad’s .

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  • Felix

    The instructions are a bit confusing. Maybe making a video on how to do this would be simpler?

  • Kyle

    I’m having trouble trying to make it go into landscape mode on my galaxy s3, it stays the proportions of the vertical mode, just tiny in the middle of the screen with severe earning.

    • Kyle

      Typing on a phone. Not earning, warping. I’ve gotten it to work fine in vertical mode. But the buttons are so tiny its useless like that.