‘Dead Trigger’ Review – An Epic FPS On Mobile Platforms


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Review of:
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Mad Finger Games
Free – $0.99

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On July 26, 2012
Last modified:March 31, 2013


Overall, I enjoyed the playing experience, and I have no regrets paying for the game. It’s your choice whether the IAP make or break the game, but in all other aspects, it’s a great title and if you love CoD: Zombies, you’ll be sure to love this game.

A lot of people love FPS games. Admit it, there’s a good chance you do too. As for all game genres, there’s the good and there’s the bad. It’s disappointing to say, but a lot of FPS games on mobile platforms are just plain bad. Whether your dealing with bad graphics, terrible controls, or just a dumb game, it’s almost a torture to play. Thankfully, I can confirm that Dead Trigger  just might be the game you want to play when you have the time.

Dead Trigger puts you into a zombie apocalypse. In the dead center of it. With every mission, your stuck in a small, close-world death arena. The first thing you should notice is the graphics detail. Many mobile developers are utilizing the Unreal Engine (UDK), but this time, it’s Unity 3D. You’ve probably played many games using Unity, but nothing compared to this visual beauty. The textures are pretty sharp and the gun models are clear.

There has been a lot of extra details in the graphics that I can take note of, including superb lighting, water effects, and rag doll zombies. There isn’t much to take note for the sound effects and soundtrack, but there’s nothing bad about them that will effect you gaming experience. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the review for extra screenshots of most of the guns available in the game.

The controls, which can make or break a game, is pretty customizable. The game uses virtual joysticks, like many other mobile FPS games and it performs up to par. While we all know that virtual controls aren’t the best, but it’s what you have to live with when playing mobile games. The cool thing is, if you own a pair of Fling Joysticks, it works on the movement virtual joystick, so you can play with at least one physical thumbpad.

While playing the game, I found that I got bored after a few of the first missions. It didn’t take long before I gave the game another try, and for some reason, it was a lot more appealing the second time around. I’ve probably spent over five or six hours gunning out zombies and unlocking the newest guns. With the past two updates, there has been multiple new weapons, new gadgets, zombies, environments and daily bonuses.

It took me a good while to get almost all the guns, excluding some of the guns that used gold bars. Gold is available via IAP, which varied from all range of prices. While most complained about the issues with IAP, I found it easy to use TapJoy, which supplied Gold in exchange for downloading other apps (ranging from free to paid). Paying for the Gold wasn’t an issue for me, but I’m sure a lot of players are complaining because TapJoy doesn’t work for them.

The guns are overpowered in the sense that the “paid” guns are more powerful. It was ridiculous to see the Enfield 303 being more powerful than all the shotguns, even the ones unlocked afterwards. For some other reason, the Lupara was extremely underpowered (even though it was unlocked later and costed more than the Enfield 303). It was not only a “paid” gun, but it was weaker than all the ones that could be unlocked with ingame currency. The Minigun was weird where you can never pick up any ammo for the gun, making it useless after the bullets ran out.

For bugs and errors, I didn’t encounter many while playing. There was little to none crashing or any framerate drops, whether it was on my iPad, iPod Touch, or HTC Evo 3D. Overall, I enjoyed the experience, and I have no regrets paying for the game. It’s your choice whether the IAP make or break the game, but in all other aspects, it’s a great title and if you love CoD: Zombies, you’ll be sure to love this game.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the Android version of Dead Trigger had to go free because of the piracy issues. It was determined that a majority of the downloads for the game was pirated via a cracked version. There was an estimated boost of five hundred percent in downloads when the game went free. For now, the iOS version price has not dropped, but it also hasn’t received the latest update that the Android version had already received.

More information on Dead Trigger can be found on Mad Finger Games’ . The iOS version can be downloaded at the , universal for iPad and iPhone, for $0.99. The Android can be downloaded at the for free.


Pros Cons
Stunning graphics, generated levels, many guns and gadgetry Too much use of IAPs


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