Who Will You Kill In ‘Dexter: The Game 2′

Does anyone remember back in 2009 when Dexter: The Game came out? The game itself was announced in 2008 and was eventually released with great hoopla in 2009,. Dexter: The Game had a good story line and good graphics for its time, however, the game itself wasn’t very long and it didn’t have enough content or replay value. Its length, replay value and lack of updates, resulted in a game that was entertaining, but not a game that seemed worth its whopping price of $5.99 in the App Store. However, it looks like Marc Ecko Entertainment is giving Dexter: The Game another try with Dexter: The Game Two (oh what a title) which was announced at ComiCon:

Dexter: The Game 2 will be released in conjunction with the premier of the new season of Dexter (September 30th) and though the gameplay looks to be similar with the original game, it does appear that Marc Ecko is attempting to deal with the flaws of its predecessor. Rather than going to route of being short with little replay value, the new game-play takes a never ending approach, by making all the cases procedurally generated. Theoretically, this makes the game playable until you get sick of it, not until the game ‘ends’.

Michael C. Hall will be doing voice work for this game as well and the updated graphics look smooth (if a bit outdated), which makes Dexter: The Game 2 appear to be a good buy for iOS users and Dexter fans alike, provided you have some cash you are willing to part with. Though it will take place after the initial iOS release, it does look like the game will eventually come to Windows Mobile and Android platforms as well. Check it out this fall and in the meantime check out Marc Ecko‘s .

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