‘Dragon Island Blue’ Undergoes Review By Apple

Monster collector games are a dime a dozen ever since Pokémon came out, but none have ever come close to being as good. They’re either too short with too little monsters to collect, too constricting in exploration or have awful combat mechanics. ZigZaGames may very well change this depressing trend in the very near future with their upcoming iOS game, Dragon Island Blue.

Dragon Island Blue is an open world RPG which instances – that means randomly generates – dungeons to keep things fresh. What really keeps this game fresh is the monsters. Where Pokémon originally had 151 monsters, Dragon Island Blue boasts an amazing 200! That’s hours of collecting and training – no wonder dungeons had to be randomly generated.

The monsters are very varied with more than just dragons to collect. Turtles, skull print cats, six-legged elephants and faceless blue blobs (think Dragon Quest) are just some of the many monsters that appear beside scepter wielding dragons.

The combat system itself looks great. It’s party based, similar to Final Fantasy games where you face off against multiple opponents with a small party of your own. So far it seems simple enough, each monster having different moves. When you aren’t collecting and battling you’ll still have plenty to do with quests, villages, dragons and even guilds – all of which are looking very nice with an easy to use interface

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced yet, but Apple is currently reviewing the game, so it should be coming soon (assuming everything goes well). The game is set to go on sale for $0.99 for a short while as an introductory price before being raised to $2.99.

To check out a select few of the 200 monsters, head to Dragon Island Blue’s .

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