‘Epic Meal Time’ On iOS: Now All You Haters Get The Privilege Of Feeding The Sauce Boss

As of July, Molecube has brought Epic Meal Time to all of you haters using iOS and Android for the price of $1.99. The game is based on the Youtube cooking series, renowned for the hedonistic high calorie meals it highlights such as  and the . The gameplay itself is similar to Fruit Ninja and requires the player to swipe meat and candy into the mouth of The Sauce Boss (aka Harley Morenstein), while avoiding vegetables at all costs by flicking them away from Morenstein’s mouth.

Keeping with the show’s tendency to keep track of the amount of calories and fat in a given meal, score is calculated using a Fat Counter and accidental vegetable ingestion cause the player to lose health. There are no penalties for letting a candy or meat fall, however, there are several bonus items that can be collected such as Jack Daniels and Five Loco. At the end of each level, Internet Dollars are earned based upon score and can be used to purchase upgrades like Swag, Food and Fuck Salad. There is also an option to purchase additional internet dollars through the game.

The Epic Meal Time game looks like lots of fun for fans of the series and new-coming salad haters alike. Molecube‘s Epic Meal Time game can be purchased in the and the store for $1.99.

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