Valve Brings Team Fortress 2 Characters To ‘Hero Academy’

The Team Fortress 2 team is invading Robot Etertainment’s Hero Academy as the newest army that is available for use within the game. The details the skills of each character but if you’ve played Team Fortress 2 before you should already know what they’re capable of doing within the game.

While Hero Academy is already released on iOS, the Team Fortress guys will be a PC-exclusive that will launch with the PC version. However, if you buy the PC version you will be happy to know that your Team Fortress 2 army will be able to follow you to your small screen and will be available for use on your iDevice version of the game. It’s also worth noting that if you’ve played on iOS, everything you’ve unlocked thus far will also be unlocked for the PC. That’s why we love asynchronous multiplayer!

A new map is also coming to the game along with the new character additions. A Team Fortress 2 inspired map entitled, “Well” will also launch with the PC release of Hero Academy.

If you’re that big of a Team Fortress 2 fan purchasing, you will be glad to know that Hero Academy on the PC with the TF2 characters will give players cosmetic unlocks for Team Fortress 2Who said sharing wasn’t fun?

If you’re a nut about Team Fortress and can’t wait for Hero Academy’s release on the PC you won’t have to wait long as the game launches for PC on August 8th! The mobile version of the game is out now and you can get it at the .