Installous On Android: What Is It And The Problem

We know, and you should too, that you can install any ‘.apk’ file (the file extension for android apps) without any modification. Likewise, you can download them off the internet, via many sites. Any Android user most likely has downloaded a game off a plethora of ‘.apk’ sharing sites. Pirating is logical, it’s free, easy, and simple. Grabbing an ‘.apk’ off a sharing site like MediaFire or 4Shared takes mere seconds, and installing takes even less.

Now, if your an iOS user, you should know about jailbreak by now, which is an exploit to iOS, allowing third-party apps and services. You’ve probably heard of Installous as well, which is an app that allows users to easily access it’s large database of cracked apps, allowing users to download almost every app available, for free, in a matter of a few hours after it’s release.

So, what’s this “Installous on Android”. Simply put, it has the same function that Installous, providing apps for free, but this time, they don’t need to be cracked. If you live in Asia, you might have heard of Ndoo Market or Ndoua (Applanet‘s there as well, but it’s offline far too often). This is available on the chinese Play Market, and I came across it after a friend of mine recommended it to me. As a valid supporter of developers, this idea of even easier access to pirated games wasn’t very appealing. Pirating is already high, some say it can get as high as 83 percent of the installed app come from a pirated source. This doesn’t make it much better.

If you checked Ndoua, you’ll see that you can download Ndoo Market via QR code, directly onto your phone. Yes, it’s in Chinese, but after a Google Translate, you can find that the site is filled with pirated games. To be brunt: All of it. I installed the app onto my phone, my trusty HTC Evo V 4G, and loaded up the app. While all the game titles were in Chinese, in some sense good, because it creates a hesitance between English users, I quickly found that it was extremely easy to use. The menu buttons were in English, and were nicely labeled “Home”, “Software”, “Game”, “Special”, and “Manage”. The genres were in English as well. 

Searching for an app, just type in the English name. Yup, no looking for the name in Chinese. The description of the app in Ndoo Market contains the English name, and if you know the icon for the app, it’ll be easy to spot out. There we have it. Downloading the hard-to-find GameLoft apps, since they require cracks and SD data on other sites, in a matter of seconds. Amazingly easy. Amazingly illegal.

Whether you use this app or not is your choice, since some rather buy a game on iOS and not pay for it again on Android, but I believe that pirating just isn’t right. Since it’s a different platform, you’d pay again. Same thing with buying a game for PS3 or Xbox 360, you’d have to pay for it again if you wish to play it on PC.

Pirating is easy enough. I wish it didn’t spread so much, but it’s inevitable. Pirate some games, test it a bit, then buy it. That’s something I wish actually happened.

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