Mine Those Ores: ‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Features Smelting

With the latest Minecraft – Pocket Edition update, smelting and ore mining is now available, which wasn’t in the previous “crafting update”. In the new update, you can now mine and craft your three favorite ores: Iron, gold, and diamond. With the update, there aren’t any more unlimited items, such as having infinite bricks, though you can now create all of those goodies in the furnace.

All the blocks before can now be created through crafting or smelting. Also, in addition, there are now saplings when you cut down leaves off trees. Therefore, you can now have your own tree farm and grab some wood (jokes aside). The update also fixes a few of the processing glitches in the previous version.

Here’s a compact list of what’s updated in 3.2:

- Furnaces! Every available block and item can now be gathered, crafted or smelted into.
- Grow trees! Saplings dropped when harvesting leaf with Shears.
- More tiles such as thin glass, and half blocks in different material.
- Gold, diamond and iron ore can now be gathered (smelt them for stronger tools)!
- Fixes: less flickering/Z-fighting on some devices, mobs have correct health, fixed rendering of fence gates and half blocks in hand.

In the new version, Mojang notes that you may experience crashing “when clicking on empty furnace inventory slot.”

More information on the update can be found on their . The iOS version can be found at the , universal for iPhone and iPad for $6.99. The Android version can be found on the  for $6.99.

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