Strapped To A Meteor Releases Trailer For ‘Mr. Dreamer’

A new trailer for Strapped to a Meteor’s “endless runner” Mr. Dreamer has been released. The game is set for release at the end of this month.

Mr. Dreamer is a departure from the tone of Strapped to a Meteor’s first game which was the dark platformer, DEO. The game gives a more brighter experience and a “twist” on the normal single tap endless runner. Players will control the character named Poncho and your goal is to run as high as you can to get avoid your Broccoli Boss. You’ll run along a course that twists and turns in many directions as your collect candies to earn stamina and boost while avoiding bombs and running upside down, which cause your character to lose stamina. Players will tap the screen to make their runner switch sides of the plain to run right side up as you continue to ascend through the crazy courses.

Mr. Dreamer will feature 8 colorful worlds and from the trailer looks to be a game players could get addicted to. It’s an interesting change to a genre that has become popular on the mobile screens.  Look out for Mr. Dreamer, hitting the App Store on Tuesday, July 31st.