Update Skweek_HomeImage

Feeling Skweek-y? Skweek Is Now On iOS

If you like puzzles, you are in for a treat- Freshuu Inc is released an iOS version of the 1989 Atari Lynx puzzle… more »

Opinion epic mealtime 2

‘Epic Meal Time’ On iOS: Now All You Haters Get The Privilege Of Feeding The Sauce Boss

As of July, Molecube has brought Epic Meal Time to all of you haters using iOS and Android for the price of $1.99.… more »

Trailer Mr.-Dreamer-Trailer

Strapped To A Meteor Releases Trailer For ‘Mr. Dreamer’

A new trailer for Strapped to a Meteor’s “endless runner” Mr. Dreamer has been released. The game is set for release at the… more »

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New Trailer For ‘Potion Lore’ By Hexfire Software

Potion Lore is getting ready for release this summer for Windows Phone 7. Creators Hexfire Software has released a new trailer showing off the… more »

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Like A Dystopic Mushroom Kingdom: Images From Frogmind’s ‘Badland’

Finnish independent games developer Frogmind have announced their first title: Badland. However, if you’re hoping for details then you may be disappointed. Frogmind… more »

Update Polymer-Banner

Shape Update: ‘Polymer’ Receives iPad Support

Polymer, a puzzle game from iOS developer Whitaker Trebella has received its first big update – and what an update it is! Polymer,… more »

Android deadtrigger

‘Dead Trigger’ Review – An Epic FPS On Mobile Platforms

A lot of people love FPS games. Admit it, there’s a good chance you do too. As for all game genres, there’s the… more »

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‘Synesthetic’: See Sounds On This A Narcotic Freeway

Have you ever sat and zoned out to the visualizations of your media player of choice? Probably not. Though, developer Alex Dantis, the… more »

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‘Dragon Island Blue’ Undergoes Review By Apple

Monster collector games are a dime a dozen ever since Pokémon came out, but none have ever come close to being as good.… more »

Update news-heroacademy

Valve Brings Team Fortress 2 Characters To ‘Hero Academy’

The Team Fortress 2 team is invading Robot Etertainment’s Hero Academy as the newest army that is available for use within the game. The blog… more »