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‘Great Big War Game’ Now Available On Android And iOS

For those of you who enjoyed Rubicon Development’s Great Little War Game, you’ll be happy to know that a sequel entitled Great Big War Game has just… more »

Preview QuestLord2

Pixelly: An Epic Quest Experience With ‘QuestLord’

Eric Kinkead (creator of many indie games and one of our favorites, Earthworm Jim for Gameboy Advance) recently released the trailer for his upcoming… more »

Android letrisbanner

‘Letris 2′ Review – More Proof That Scrabble and Tetris Make Awesome Babies

Letris 2 was released for Android last week and if you are thinking of getting it: STOP! – Unless you want to become… more »

Accessories securetips

Falling Earbuds Solution: ‘SecureTips’ Is Here To Save The Day!

If you are a frequent user of in-ear or ear bud headphones, you are probably familiar with how difficult it is to get… more »

Android minecraft-furnace

Mine Those Ores: ‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Features Smelting

With the latest Minecraft – Pocket Edition update, smelting and ore mining is now available, which wasn’t in the previous “crafting update”. In the new… more »

Update myxboxlive2

Control Your Xbox 360 Via ‘My Xbox Live’

First, we should say this is only really for Xbox 360 owners. And then narrow the field a little more to Xbox 360… more »

Trailer Lili

BitMonsters Presents ‘Lili’ Trailer – Action RPG Powered By UDK

BitMonsters, a new development studio compromised with industry veterans, releases a trailer for Lili, with beutiful graphics powered by the ever-so-popular Unreal Engine. BitMonsters has… more »

iPad Shellrazer

A New Meaning To “Turtle Power”: ‘Shellrazer’ Trailer

Now when your asked to think about the qualities of a tortoise fear inspiration, a giant terrorist-like tortoise is probably not what comes to… more »

Android terrariaheader

Diggity Diggity: Terraria On Android Is Out And iOS Is Confirmed

Well, there you have it folks, Terraria on Android. Yes, it’s true! Wait, you don’t believe us, do you. Branches, which is essentially Terraria running fully on… more »

Trailer Dexter 2

Who Will You Kill In ‘Dexter: The Game 2′

Does anyone remember back in 2009 when Dexter: The Game came out? The game itself was announced in 2008 and was eventually released… more »