New Trailer For ‘Potion Lore’ By Hexfire Software

Potion Lore is getting ready for release this summer for Windows Phone 7. Creators Hexfire Software has released a new trailer showing off the game.

Potion Lore will have players taking control of Professor Stange, an alchemy genius who is tasked with sneaking through a castle to retrieve his stolen tome. Players will have a variety of potions to have at their disposal using potions to solve puzzles and defeat enemies as Stange navigates through the castle. Some potions will stun enemies and some might give players more to deal with for a certain level. Players will need to think to use the right set of potions to complete each level.

Potion Lore will be released to Windows Phone 7 soon and will later be updated for Windows Phone 8 compatibility later on in the year. A version for iOS and Android will be incoming as well but players will have to wait till next year to get their hands on Professors Stange’s adventure.