‘EPOCH.’ – Apocalyptic World And A Bad-Ass WALL-E

6.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 6/10

Vibrant colors & vivid graphics | Great SFX | Large weapon variety

Poor plot | No replay value

EPOCH. is essentially a cover-shooter (like ) where the player picks targets for a robot to shoot at. Simple and sweet – but in the end, it hinders the game. The gameplay is similar to Infinity Blade and Dark Meadow, though not because they all use the Unreal Engine. In combat, you roll or jump aside to dodge the incoming bullets (sound familiar?), and pick targets to fire at when stationary. The gameplay is similar to the melee combat, but not entirely.  This game simply lacks the finesse that Infinity Blade had.

This game doesn’t lack graphics, smoothness, or even sound effects. The only problem is that the repetitive gameplay has no goal. Of course, in Infinity Blade, there’s the God King to defeat, and Dark Meadow gives you an urge to explore. In EPOCH., I don’t notice much of a storyline when playing the game; in fact, it can be a bit boring at times. Yes, there are a variety of enemy robots, but the plot felt foggy. The story is explained through data intercepts found on robots, and it took more than playing through the 10 stages through different difficulties to really get the story.

EPOCH. has many great points, even though I spent about two paragraphs complaining. The controls are fluid and intuitive, and they make sense. Flick left to roll left and vice versa, double flick right to jump two spaces over, flick down to go into cover, flick up to get out of cover, and flick down while in cover to manual reload. There are some basic special powers like a grenade, missile barrage, and slow-motion – each with a timed recharge.

There’s also an extensive shop, containing a large variety of weapons like laser rifles, kinetic energy guns, grenade launchers and more. Not only are there weapons, there are also different armors, grenades, missiles, and slow-motion devices, too. The best part of the game is the vivid visuals and textures. They’re vibrant, crisp, and clear. The scenery is realistic, and there’s a decent amount of shading/shadows as well. The robots’ steel textures are sharp and detailed, as well as everything around. The special effects are decent, including nice laser beams and bomb explosions. The enemies are predictable, but it’s alright. This game is repetitive, it’s overall a decent game. Just as a side comment, doesn’t this look like a bad-ass WALL-E?

More information on EPOCH. is available on their . The iOS version is located at the , universal for iPhone and iPad for $2.99.


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