‘Grand Theft Auto III’ – Start A Life Of Crime On The Go

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

Excellent port | Polished controls

Textures were blurry | Not much music

Stealing cars and killin’ cops. Life couldn’t get any better in Liberty City. Grand Theft Auto III finally makes it’s way to the iOS (and Android), and most are skeptical whether you can get the full experience on a phone (or tablet). As I watched the first cutscene of the game, I was blown away. The graphics weren’t really the same style as games like Infinity Blade, but they weren’t bad at all. Unlike the other GTA, this was more like the console version instead of being cartoon-ish.

The controls were fine, simple virtual stick to move and buttons to attack, jump, hijack a car was on the right. In a car, the controls were just like other racing games (not the tilt control) where you use the left and right buttons to steer and your accelerate, brake, reverse, shoot, stays on the right. Driving was realistic, there were different acceleration, drifting, steering for every car.

Aiming with the gun is easy, just tap the bullet button and it automatically auto-aims for the target. There are various guns to pick up and use. The gameplay was interesting, bringing a open-world with missions. The style was somewhat like Skyrim, doing various quests to advance in the game (except there’s no RPG element). The missions were interesting; taking out gangs, stealing cars, and picking up girls, is what GTA is all about.

The music was not half bad, you can switch between different radio stations while in a car. Some of the DJ’s commentaries were humorous like:

*song plays* “She’s on fire, fire—”
*DJ* “Well, I’m glad I haven’t been on fire.”
*song continues* “She’s on fire, fire—”
*DJ* “Not that I remember so anyways…”

The game is for mature people only, due to a lot of sexual terms, and adult language. The game isn’t something really gory, but it does have some blood. This game shouldn’t be something children or young teens should play due to crude and inferred terms. The game was pretty stable; there wasn’t many noticeable glitches and the game ran smoothly. The game is optimized with universal support so for the price they are giving, it’s quite a steal. The game is very fun and the game lasts quite a while. I truly enjoyed playing it on my iPad, but I don’t have much previous experience with the actual console version of GTA III. Overall, I think this game was a big improvement from China Town Wars, which was also on the DS (meaning, it can’t be any good), and for one low price, it should be flying off the shelves.

More information on Grand Theft Auto III can be found on the  or the  where it can also be downloaded, universal for iPhone and iPad for $4.99, or for your android device.


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