‘Infinity Blade’ – Sweet Graphics And Awesome Battles, But Lots Of Repetition

9.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 7/10

Stunning graphics | Exciting and action packed gameplay

Needs more plot | A lot of repetition

This game is one of the highest acclaimed iOS app on the App Store, but how good is it? Infinity Blade embarks you upon a journey though generations of warriors to fight against the one called the God King. One of the best features of this game is the graphics. Infinity Blade breaks all previously known graphics and being one of the first to use the Unreal Engine. Before newer games like Desert Zombie: Last Stand and Combat Arms: Zombies came out, featuring the same Unreal Engine, this was the game.

Infinity Blade is a tap-to-move game that combines cut scenes and battle phases miraculously. Battle phases are the main action point of the game. You dodge/block/parry the titans attack and after their combo, they’re open for you to attack back. The order of amount of time given to attack is determined by the type of break. Block break, dodge break, parry break, stun break give from little to a lot of time to attack respectively.

Asides from the main story/campaign, there is an arena mode. You can either play survival mode or multiplayer. Multiplayer mode is where you are matched with a partner using Game Center, and you will randomly be a titan or Sirius. You can upgrade weapons or armor with money obtained every time a new round starts (once a player loses). Once a player wins four rounds, they win the match. If they decide to play another match, the roles of the titan and Sirius will be reversed. 

There’s a huge variety of weapons, armor, rings, shields, etc. Each one is better than the next and some have special abilities like poison or extra fire damage. Rings can have special magic abilities like lightning damage or healing. There’s an RPG element added to the game where you can add points to increase damage, magic, shield, or health.

The music isn’t really music, it resembles more of ambiance style music. However, the battle sounds and SFX are nice. The graphics are insane and no doubt one of the best. Although there is a high amount of repetition, that’s just how the game is. The sequel, Infinity Blade II, is possibly even better. Recently, at Dave & Busters, you can find the arcade version, Infinity Blade FX.  Overall, this is a wonderful game with universal support, and I recommend it to everyone.

For more information on Infinity Blade visit their . The iOS version can be found at the , universal for the iPhone and iPad for $5.99.


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