Falling Earbuds Solution: ‘SecureTips’ Is Here To Save The Day!

If you are a frequent user of in-ear or ear bud headphones, you are probably familiar with how difficult it is to get them to stay in your ears when engaging in any kind of activity; especially if you have hobbit sized ears. Zach Herbert and Adam Orshan’s new product, SecureTips, which offers a solution to the ear phone problem. At least for those of us using Apple’s headphones:

Herbert and Orshan began their Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of SecureTips in early July and are currently offering backers who donate over $20 a set of SecureTips (plus $10 shipping outside the USA). Those who contribute more than $37 get two sets and the amount of additional sets given to donators is increased incrementally from there. Though some might say that a minimum of $20 is a lot to pay for a headphone accessory, the fact that SecureTips make Apple headphones (which retail around $30) functional makes them worth the cash. Even more so when you consider that lots of people who get them with their already costly iDevices, just end up putting them away and forget about them.

The Kickstarter goal for SecureTips is $50,000, which will go towards:

  • Final prototypes
  • Tooling
  • Silicone rubber & dye
  • Packaging
  • Shipping & handling
  • The creation of an online storefront to sell SecureTips once the Kickstarter project ends
  • The creation and preservation of American jobs. All manufacturing will be done in the United States by American Companies

Their idea is so unique that we can’t believe Apple didn’t come up with it first. We actually shot them an email asking if they’d pitched the idea to Apple prior to starting the Kickstarter project and the answer they gave us really sums up what Kickstarter is all about:

“We have not approached Apple with the idea. We believe that Kickstarteris an incredible place to put out a simple, useful, and innovative product. With Kickstarter, we do not have to lay out costly manufacturing funds out front, which takes a lot of risk out of the project. If we raise our $50k, we will have enough money to manufacture SecureTips in the highest possible quality, while giving our backers the best possible experience.”

The SecureTips prototypes visible in the promotional materials were actually created by Herbert and Orshan using ordered 3D parts that they used to make a urethane rubber mold that they poured the silicone into. If funded, the large-scale manufacturing will be done by an American company. This is awesome, because they already have an innovate and tested product developed and the Kickstarter proceeds will go towards bringing the product to the market!
Check out the SecureTips , and for more details. If you are thinking of donating and have any questions, contact Herbert and Orshan.

Theresa Taylor is a BMF that enjoys writing, playing video games and making/designing jewelry. You can find her on and her .