Feeling Skweek-y? Skweek Is Now On iOS

If you like puzzles, you are in for a treat- Freshuu Inc is released an iOS version of the 1989 Atari Lynx puzzle game Skweek earlier this month. For those of you that do not have any prior experience with Skweek, the game involves saving your planet from hostile invaders by navigating mazes, solving tile puzzles and destroying monsters with your fire-bubble gun. For a better idea of what the game is all about, check out the trailer:

Just to up the awesome, Feshuu is offering the game free in the appstore without any in-app purchases required to play. The iOS port is not a duplicate copy of the original game but the gameplay and storyline remain the same for the most part.  Graphically, the game doesn’t look exactly the same as its original, but for a free port of a game from 1989 on iOS it still looks worth trying out.

You can get Skweek in the .

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