‘Spy vs. Spy’ Trailer Released For iOS

It won’t be out until  later this summer but we finally get a trailer for Spy vs. Spy.

You all know Spy. Vs. Spy, it’s been around at least in comics strip form since the early 1960’s . Since then the white spy and the black spy have featured in animated cartoons, television commercials and of course, video games.

From what we can see so far this iOS version seems to be doing a nice job of remaking a classic game, that should make old and new fans very happy. You will have the option to choose from a retro look or a more modern cartoonish one. You also get to play the original eight embassies as well as an additional sixteen new ones.

For those who don’t know this classic comic, it basically consists of placing booby traps, clubbing heads, and defeating enemy spies in an embassy. This new release will feature a few modern updates like, local and online multiplier, as well as achievements and a leaderboard system.

If you really want a taste have a look at the new trailer and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Or why not visit the for more info.


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