‘Synesthetic’: See Sounds On This A Narcotic Freeway

Have you ever sat and zoned out to the visualizations of your media player of choice?

Probably not. Though, developer Alex Dantis, the developer of Adorable Scapegoats, has a game for you. Allow me to introduce to you Synesthetic, the game that allows you to turn media player visualizations into gaming time:

Based on the disorder Synesthesia that causes people to see sounds as color to varying degrees, Synesthetic takes music from your iOS library and uses it as a basis for “trippy” visual backgrounds as you try to stay on endless path and avoid different forms and shapes that block the way. The theme of the game is similar to that of  Techno Kitten Adventure in the sense that you have to focus on avoiding objects without becoming distracted by the visuals. However, unlike TKA, you get to choose the music you play to which adds to the replay value.

Though the default controls for the game are accelerometer  based, there is an option to play with a virtual joystick if you aren’t a fan of tilting and the game has three different game modes to choose from. Each song also has its own leaderboard, which can only add to the fun if you are the competitive type.

Synesthetic is available in the , universal for iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

Theresa Taylor is a BMF that enjoys writing, playing video games and making/designing jewelry. You can find her on and her .